linday's sims creations

Due to the broken exchange…

…I will not share my creations on the TS3 exchange until it has been fixed. As of now, lots aren’t showing up at all, and those which do, disappears quickly. Great builds by various creators get almost no attention at all. Homes that would easily get 500 + downloads has now under 50!

I will however continue to build and create, as I enjoy that far too much to let EA stop me. I must admit that I have lost a big part of my motivation due to this, meaning that some of my homes will not be completed as quick as I would normally do. Some builds will unfortunately be put on hold until the exchange is fixed. Competition entries will be uploaded to my mediafire account instead. The links will of course be provided. This site will, as usual, be updated with pics as I go, and for anyone that wants one of my homes, I’ll be happy to upload to mediafire, just give me a nudge.

If any of you feel the same way I do about the exchange, I urge you to state your opinion in this thread at the TS3 forums. But please, keep it polite, we don’t want this thread closed, we want to be heard.

The whole situation saddens me a lot, and I hope for a fix in reasonable time. If and when the exchange gets back on track, I will of course start uploading my homes again.

😦 linday 😦


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