linday's sims creations

Some WIP shots of the victorian!

Things are starting to take place… There’s still a lot of finishing touches to be done, but so far, so good! The only rooms left to do is the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, the rest of them do at least have furniture! I need to add some outdoor seating as well, but I can see the end of this! Probably my most challenging project to this date, as this is way out of my comfort zone, but at least I’m not afraid to try something new!?

Fireplace between living and dining area

Guest bedroom


Master bedroom

Ensuite bathroom

Still a WIP, so it may or may not turn out like this, but I feel the color scheme is pretty much set. I will add some more decor throughout though. Oh, if only CC was allowed… lol!


12 responses

  1. Wow, I need to pop by here more often 🙂 This looks beautiful linday! Are you planning to upload inspite of the broken exchange or will it end up being held back until the exchange is working again? This looks like a house I would LOVE to download, but I’m spying some CC so I guess it’s another that I will just have to admire from a distance!

    On a different but related note, have you noticed how gorgeous the stars are in the in game night pictures? I noticed it on some of the night shots for my twin houses, the stars through the window look beautiful and I see the same thing in your bathroom shot above, really adds to the atmosphere of certain rooms… EA might be annoying on some fronts but when they get it right, they really DO get it right don’t they? 😀 Beautiful.

    09.05.10 at 14:17

  2. Sparkle, this contains NO CC, only store items and some buydebug objects, it’s for Fid’s challenge, so no CC is allowed. I will hold it back until the deadline at least, if the exchange is still borked then, I’ll upload it to my mediafire account, I think. But thank you so much! 🙂

    Yeah, I have! I’ve noticed it earlier too, when I entered the haunted town team B-n-S challenge, I took most of the photos, in the dark, of course, and the stars made a beautiful backsplash for the entire shoot. So yeah, they have their good sides too, although that is not always easy to remember…

    Yeah, you should pop by more often, especially now! Strange not seeing your new avi though! 🙂

    09.05.10 at 15:30

  3. Meh, I still won’t be able to appreciate the full beauty of it (I have zero store items bar free stuff) but at least I can download it and have a look 😀 Oh…. new avi… I had not even realised it wasn’t up here… my own blog doesn’t show my avi! I will fix that immediately! LOL

    09.05.10 at 15:33

    • Well I just updated me avi and it shows as updated but does not seem to want to take 😦

      09.05.10 at 15:38

      • She’s there when I go to my control panel!

        09.05.10 at 15:40

    • There’s not that many store items either, the wash stand in the bedroom, the double pic frame… Most of what I have af store items are more modern anyway!

      09.05.10 at 15:38

  4. Odd then, because she’s showing as the old one everywhere on my site, except the “change gravatar” page. Where are you looking on your control panel? *sparkle is being dumb today*

    09.05.10 at 15:42

    • I just clicked the control panel button at the top, there she shows up at the initial page under latest comments. She shows up when I click the “my comments” section too.

      09.05.10 at 15:49

      • There must have been a delay in resetting her, she’s just started showing for me as well 🙂

        09.05.10 at 15:50

  5. Good! Now if only her thumbnail shows up here too… Any new Sparkling creations in the making? Even though I know I have to wait for them?

    09.05.10 at 15:52

    • She just started showing for me here so hopefully she should show for you now too (though I did have to close the page and re open).

      As to nw builds… no pictures but I just posted a blog about two new wips (or one new and one old) that I’m working on, just gone in game to work on one of them so hopefully it might even have finished interiors by tonight 😀

      09.05.10 at 15:56

      • *searches for a like-button*
        Whee! Looking forward to it!
        *heads over to Sparkle’s blog*

        09.05.10 at 15:57

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