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Back to the fifties?

Although I never been to the fifties – We seriously need a working time machine, come on people! – the great people over at TSS has started a fifties themed neighborhood. Of course I had to jump in on that. So, check out the wip list for exterior pics of my fifties home! Here’s an interior pic as an extra treat:


5 responses

  1. Cute exterior! Wonderful Interior! What else is there to say? Can’t wait to see it comepleted, if that living room is anything to go by.. looks wonderful. Though Sparkle thinks you need to finish one of these houses before starting any more 😛

    16.05.10 at 22:08

  2. And since I can’t actually edit my comment, something I meant to ask you about, I notice you have a “follow me on twitter”…. how are you finding that? I’ve never been all that bothered by twitter but with the exchange borked and the official forum basically dead (or at least on it’s last legs 😦 ) I am beginning to think about other options rather more seriously.

    16.05.10 at 22:09

    • Jeez, Sparkle thinks?? Linday thinks that too, lol! I am about half done with this, it still needs a bathroom and a second bedroom. One day left of work – whenever that will be – and it is completed.

      The twitter thing is a widget, you should find it there, if your blog theme allows widgets, but first, of course, you must set up a twitter account! It’s very useful for showcasing – TheSims3 has “share wednesdays” where they ask you to tweet your creations to them, they retweet their favs, and some gets featured! I’d say go for it!

      16.05.10 at 22:14

      • I have no twitter account (yet), slightly wary of setting one up, don’t ask me why, I really don’t know :/. I have read a few and the whole thing confuses me to be honest. the whole @ and retweet thing, not getting it. These share wednesdays…. how many people participate in them… or does it not work like that? (Told you sparkle doesn’t have a clue!)

        17.05.10 at 00:37

  3. Sparkle honey, I’m just gonna PM you… 😛

    17.05.10 at 00:38

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