linday's sims creations

Makeover time!

I decided it was time for a new look – no, I’m not talking about myself here, but this blog! Oh, I’m not nearly done yet, more changes will be made, and most of the pages will have to be edited to make sure the text and pictures align because of the new theme. Until that is done, you may experience some weird text and/or picture placements.


2 responses

  1. Hi Linday!
    I like the eerie new look. Have fun with your “makeover!” I’m sure the new theme and design will be gorgeous like all your builds…which, by the way, I was just going through my friends list and looking to see if I had rec’d and DL’d everyone’s stuff, and it looks like I missed a few of yours, so I’m correcting that RIGHT NOW. Keep up the great builds and thanks for sharing! You’re so very talented!!! 🙂

    04.07.10 at 04:35

    • *Blushes* Thank you so much, Kim! 😀

      04.07.10 at 15:56

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