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Mediafire it is, then!

I’ve spent the last two days trying to get The Tiny Nectary to upload to the exchange, without luck. So, it’s uploaded to mediafire. At least it is up for grabs for those who wants it! See pics here, download here!

Next project: I’m working on my house for the Town of TSS! CC free with the exception of some patterns. It will be another modern. And it is huge. At least compared to my usual homes.


2 responses

  1. Wish me luck, I’m attempting the exchange tonight :/

    It’s a gorgeous looking lot though, a real shame I can rec and fdl 😦 Now I’m off to catch up with your blog and see if your WIPs have multiplies again 🙂

    30.07.10 at 21:41

    • Good luck, Sparkle! *fingers crossed*

      They have actually been reduced! Due to a reinstall, I haven’t installed my previous WIPs, too terrified to catch that doll again! I do have one though, that is not on the list. Will keep it a secret for now! 😛

      31.07.10 at 07:50

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