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So… NOT in love with the exchange, part II

Soooo…. I managed to finish my house for the TSS town. AND I got it uploaded to the exchange. So far, everything sounds great, right? Well MEH!

Tried to download it myself to custard and do a test-install. Custard tool shows that all cc patterns are corrupt, and the lot won’t install, telling me that my game doesn’t have the required updates… (it’s my own lot, of course I have the required updates!!!) So, I deleted it from my studio. I THOUGHT.

Well, turns out it wasn’t deleted.

It was left up for over 24 hours, without me knowing it. I think I got it deleted now.

I will have to go back in game tomorrow to remove the CC patterns and substitute them with base game ones. I just hope I will be happy with the result.

A big sorry to those that downloaded my lot, I really didn’t intend for it to stay up when it wasn’t working properly. I will reupload it when I get the pattern issues worked out.


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