linday's sims creations

Lost and found

…well, perhaps not so much “found” as “saved”, but…

My computer decided to die on me, and has spent some time in Puter Hospital. The HDD was replaced, which means, yeah, sure you have already guessed it: Everything I had on it is lost. WIPs, the vamp version of my avi, tons of pictures. Gone. Oh well. Moving on!

I did however manage to export the starter I had finished, when I realized what was about to happen with my computer, and it is safely stored online until I get the game reinstalled.

Sneak peek? Oh yeah!

SO.. It may take me a few days to get everything reinstalled – after all, redownloading store items is a tedious and boring process, but once I have done that, I’ll dive right back into the game and have some fun again! I have had simming abstinences since sunday, and the only cure is to play, right?


3 responses

  1. Tom

    Yikes… if that happened to me I would have to go on a murderous rampage until my thirst for blood was quenched. Or at the very least take a break from Sims until my frustration subsided. I admire your perseverance, and I hope to see the finished product soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

    17.11.10 at 01:26

    • Hey Tom! I will admit, I wasn’t in a very good mood… But I have got all my stuff back into the game, the cover pic is made, I just have to take a few more photos, and then I will upload it! ๐Ÿ™‚

      17.11.10 at 01:29

      • Tom

        For some reason I never got an email informing me you’d replied, otherwise I would have come back sooner! I must not have ticked the correct box… d’oh.

        23.11.10 at 15:01

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