linday's sims creations

The starter is up!

Yeah! I’m serious! It is uploaded!

You can find the pics of it here!

Go grab it on the exchange too while you’re at it 😛


6 responses

  1. Alien_Girl

    Yay! I love the look of it!

    I have a question, not about the Safari Starter but about building in TS3
    I know how to make a foundation sized wall on top of a building without foundation on the base, but I don’t know how to add a foundation sized wall when there is a foundation.

    Wow, that must be confusing. But I thought it’d ask you since you come up with some pretty cool houses.

    17.12.10 at 07:45

    • Are you talking about CFE? Or friezes?

      18.12.10 at 01:31

  2. Alien_Girl


    18.12.10 at 01:45

    • Then you have to go further down in the ground when making your scaffolding! If you use stairs, then it is 6 stairs worth of digging, if you get what i mean…

      18.12.10 at 01:48

  3. Alien_Girl

    Actually I’ll try friezes, but if it doesn’t work then.. i still need your advice on that.

    18.12.10 at 01:49

  4. Alien_Girl

    Oh! So i’ll have to use a different method.
    Thanks! I’ve been using an easy method.

    18.12.10 at 01:53

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