linday's sims creations


Yeah, I did it too…

I wanted to gather all my sims creations in one place, whether it’s lots or CC, or maybe even some other stuff. Any new editions will be posted here, and maybe some older ones will show up here, too.

Some of you may know me from the TS3 site, or from various fansites out there. So I won’t start ranting on about myself, other than I’m an avid simmer for quite some time now, I enjoy various aspects of the game, but building is what I do the most.

All creations will be linked back to the actual download, but for some easy reference, you find my TS3 studio here




2 responses

  1. What a great idea this is, maybe I’ll steal it and do the same πŸ™‚
    You know I love your creations, but one can’t say it too often. Going to look around!

    20.03.10 at 17:31

    • Hey, thanks, Tota! Kinda laughed when I saw you used the same layout for your legacy blog! Thanks for linking, I’ll add a link to your legacy here, as I enjoy it a lot! Please tell me if you add a creations blog as well.

      Now, time to do some updating over here!

      20.03.10 at 17:55

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