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Residential lots

Another BnS entry!

Thank you Kate, for giving me a 10×10 challenge, of course I had to do it! Go check out the pictures of Mini Zing here!


Going witchy?

Over at TSS, our own Froggie kept us on our toes with all those weird hints from MacBeth… In the end, it lead up to a giveaway, a sim challenge and a build challenge. My build for this is now finished and uploaded. I have a sim ready too, but I need to take pictures and finish her back story first, before I share her. Anyway, this is how Tenebrae Manor came to life – go check it out!

Whoa! BnS, you say?

Yup, I entered the current BnS-challenge! Must be years since I last entered one of those. Boy, sure brings back memories! Anyway, go take a look!

Shocking news! A new lot is up!

You heard me! Once you manage to pick your jaw back up, head over here for some more screenies and the download links!

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-71Screenshot-64

Sunset Sands–another 10×10. Yes. I am addicted.






Go see more of it here, or head off to download here!

Happy Holidays!



Tis the season for sharing, so I thought I’d share this with you – a 10×10 all ready for the holidays!

You can see more pictures of it here, where you also will find download links for both the exchange and mediafire.

With that said – I wish you all a warm, cosy and happy advent! *runs off to light a candle*

Moodlet Mini–my quick fix!

After spending quite some time in Tyria after the release of Guild Wars 2, I got the building itch again. Knowing it had to be cured, what better way to do so than to do a micro?

Go see more pictures of it here, or find it on the exchange here!

Maison Paix is up!

Yeah, after a long time just hiding in my game, Maison Paix is seeing daylight for the first time!

Go check it out!

Photobucket Photobucket

2 new houses up!

Would you believe it? Me neither…

Photobucket           Photobucket


GoldenOaks is a family home (4bd, 2.5ba) while Lilac Cottage is a 1bd, 1ba starter. Click the pictures above to go to the pages and see more of them!

Kimsome Cave is a reality!

KateSterling started a challenge at TSS called “How well do you know me?”, where you are supposed to build a house for a fellow member at TSS, basing the house on what you know about the person. I knew I would have to try that, so when I finally had the opportunity this weekend, I grabbed it! And the result? You can see it here!