linday's sims creations

Tom & Jerry posters

These too were made for the Fifties neighborhood at TSS, but I since they are very useful for any kids room, I’ll put them here by themselves instead. One .sims3pack with all 3 paintings, transferable.

Download Tom & Jerry posters


6 responses

  1. nicola

    Hey linday:D that looks great!
    I hope you continue doing such beautiful houses and sims:)

    Have a nice day:p

    See you,

    12.08.10 at 16:34

    • Thank you so much, Nicola, for taking your time to check out my stuff! 🙂

      12.08.10 at 23:48

  2. Eunice

    I would like to buy all three posters. If you can print for me I will appreciate it

    28.08.14 at 04:31

  3. Eunice


    Do you still have these posters?

    06.09.14 at 15:55

    • Eunice – this is free custom content for a computer game, not something that can be printed. They can be downloaded and installed into your game.

      06.09.14 at 16:12

      • Eunice

        Sorry I thought these were wall posters. I wanted to buy for my kids room. They love tom and jerry.

        01.10.14 at 03:03

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