Moodlet Mini–my quick fix!

After spending quite some time in Tyria after the release of Guild Wars 2, I got the building itch again. Knowing it had to be cured, what better way to do so than to do a micro?

Go see more pictures of it here, or find it on the exchange here!


At least I do something!

Finished my entry for this month’s Triple Take today – thought I would give you all a look! Oh yes, Triple Take is my excuse to play with CC, since I don’t have to worry about uploading!




Kimsome Cave is a reality!

KateSterling started a challenge at TSS called “How well do you know me?”, where you are supposed to build a house for a fellow member at TSS, basing the house on what you know about the person. I knew I would have to try that, so when I finally had the opportunity this weekend, I grabbed it! And the result? You can see it here!

Here you go…

…I completed a new lot (and it’s not even been two months since the last one! Shocker!)

It was time for me to take a break from the moderns (at least a little bit, I have some modern wips going on in game, with no ETA as for now, unfortunately) – so I made something different! Charme Rustique is a charming home that suits all your family needs. It’s a 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom house with lots of space! To see more, click here!

Coming back

It’s official… My computer is finally ready to be picked up! I will still have to wait a couple of hours to do so, but when I do, we will go straight home and into game!

I have two builds in my head that just needs to come out. I’m not sure about which of them I am gonna start with, I will probably do the architecture for both first, before heading on to the interiors, just to get them into game. I will also see what limitations the game gives me, my ideas might have to be altered quite a bit. Being away from the game for so long has made me forget lots, I’m sure, so give me some time to practise before you see some results! As soon as I have something to show, I will update the wip list here, so stay tuned for updates!