linday's sims creations

The Clearwater

This is the first home that I have uploaded in a long time, and it feels good to be back! It’s small, but functional, and features a sunken living area with office area, a combined kitchen/dining area overlooking the living area, a double bedroom and a bathroom with laundry facilities. Outside there’s a carport and a pool.

NO CC, custarded upon uploading. Playtested. Contains Store items.

Lot size: 20×30

Download here!


6 responses

  1. SimEve

    OOO! I love your use of fencing! That looks so great. The color combos are lovely and the structure is really cool.

    09.04.11 at 18:44

    • Thank you so much, dear Spiderbat! 😛 🙂

      09.04.11 at 19:37

  2. Allium

    What Eve’y said, Gorgeous lot! 😀

    10.04.11 at 12:42

    • Aww thankies Alli! 🙂

      10.04.11 at 21:46

  3. Great build Linday, love the colors and the simplicity and freshness of the design. Cheers!

    21.04.11 at 02:34

    • Thank you so much, Tota! 🙂

      21.04.11 at 02:37

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