Chambers Legacy Home

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This house was the final entry of the B-n-S From rags to riches challenge, which was a legacy challenge, that means that the house has evolved from whatever you can afford from 16 000, with the money the family has made – no money cheats at all. If you want to read the family’s story, you can do so here!

The home now has three bedrooms (with sleeping space for six) and a nursery for two little sims, two living areas, one of which has a study area, three bathrooms, kitchen and a formal dining room. Outside there’s a garage, a playground and a peaceful resting place for the dead ones.

The house was actually inspired by the exteriors of a real home not far from where I live, so it has been completely redone from the original legacy starter to make it look like it is today.

I’ve used some CC in this home:
Most of the paintings are from SimsArtGallery, some do not have a creator in the description, so I don’t know where I got those from, those are not my own creations though.
The sofas in the second floor living area are from Shakeshaft @ TSR
The table under the stairs in the dining room is ShinoKCRTableIrishMilkBench, again, I can’t remember where I found that.
If there’s any custom patterns there, those are not made by me either.

Some items also comes from TS3 store.

Ready to take the tour, then?

As we walk through the downstairs entrance, we see towards the downstairs living room and the dining room. The master bedroom is to the right from here.

The study area provides a decent workspace for the sims.

The living area, with space for six sims…

…with what should be a decent amount of entertainment…

We head for the master bedroom:

And into the ensuite bathroom:

Going back trough the bedroom and living room, we have the dining room:

The stairs leads us up to the kitchen, with cooking island with eating possibilities:

Through the arch, we enter the upstairs living area, mostly an area to entertain friends or to quietly read a book.

From left, the doors lead to the kids bedroom, the nursery, the guest bathroom and another bedroom. We head through the far left door, and into the kids bedroom:

Spacious enough for two kids or teenagers. A door here leads to the bathroom shared with the nursery:

It’s not so big, but it’s functional.
Lets head to the nursery:

As you can see, there’s space enough for two tiny ones.
We head back into the living room and to the guest bathroom, which also is used by the last bedroom:

Not big at all, but very useful! Now for the last bedroom:

Normally, this would be the heir’s bedroom, until it’s time to move downstairs to the master bedroom. This is a lot closer to the nursery though, and is therefore great to use when the kids are so small that they still need to feed at night.

I’ll show you the overlook of the interiors, and then we can head outside…


…and downstairs.
Let’s head outside:

BBQ/outdoor dining area

Outdoor stairs – downstairs entrance is to the right here

The garage – comes with a car, actually!

Playground behind the garage – as you can see, it’s fun for older sims too…

A peaceful pond

Family resting place

Then some exterior shots:

Thanks for taking a look, and feel free to leave a comment!


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