City Bachelor

City Bachelor was built for the B-n-S Challenge #46: City Boy. The budget was §150 000, and the requirements were at least two bedrooms and bathrooms, a large media room a garage with space for 6 cars and a neutral color palette. The result was a 3 br, 2,5 ba modern build with an underground garage, kept in grey tones and creams.

The house comes with transferable CC from MangoSims and TSR, as well as my own movie posters.

The exchange link has been removed due to the Girl Doll Dressed which had snuck into my home!

Some pics of the house:


6 thoughts on “City Bachelor

  1. Linday linday linday! Love the house but I see you are tempting me with CC again! I’d love those movie posters *sigh* do you know how cruel you are!? 😛 Love the work on the garage… really creative with the yellow markings (though part of me wonders if the sims take any notice LOL) Love the stylish and modern feel of the interiors, they do feel very masculine with just a slight femenine touch 🙂 The CFE work on the roof area is fantastic and the “landing strip” lighting looks great 😀

    1. Well, of course I am tempting you with CC! They are free and look great! Those movie posters are my own creation, so I’m happy you like them! As for the CFE, I had to do something to add some shape to this house, because of the large garage beneath, it turned out rather square! Thanks, sweetie! 🙂

    1. The big TV is transferable CC, I got it from a house I downloaded. You should get it if you download the house, or you can search for it on TSR, I think it is from there, although I am not sure.

    1. Alexandra, I can’t 😦 The original was removed from the exchange due to the doll, and since my hard disk crashed, I lost my original!

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