Industrial Loft

I made this as an entry for the B-n-S challenge #45, which was quite a coincidence, as I have wanted to do an industrial style home for quite some time now. I love the style, I’m a brick person in real life too. This challenge had a budget of §40 000 – I’m not used to working on a budget, believe me, but this time, I had no problem with sticking to it.

The home has a sleeping loft with access to a balcony, a bathroom, an art room and an open living area with open kitchen/dining area. It was built on a 16×18 lot, which means that if you plan to put this in Sunset Valley, you’ll need to move the bistro first.

As an optional challenge, I created this week’s client – she’ll be up under “sims” – and used her own paintings for decorating the apartment. There’s also some okay, a good deal of CC in this home, all of which should transfer with the lot. Thanks to Angela, Apple, RicciNumbers and Sasilia @TSR for their creations, as well as the creators from MangoSims.

It’s on the exchange!

Shall we move on to the pics then?

See that girl in some of the pics? That’s Raine, this week’s client. Look for her under the “sims” section!

Hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Industrial Loft

  1. Grillcheesesammich

    I love your work! Sadly the link for this file isn’t working on the exchange (says something about maintenance, although all your other files are fine).
    Looking forward to seeing your family home, keep up the creative flow.

    1. Thank you so much! I tested the link, it works fine now. The pics of the family home will be up very soon, be sure to check back!

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