The Tiny Nectary

Built for B-n-S #58, this little Nectary is built to be placed on the lot where you find the spa in Sunset Valley (a 21×22 lot). This lot contains over 100 bottles of nectar, stored in the basement. Four Nectar machines allow your sim to try their hand at nectar making. Two nectary registers awaits your sims. The grand reception hall leads up to a finer dining area used for nectar testing. You’ll also find separate restrooms and a charming outdoor area. Some of the artwork is painted in-game. The rumor tells that there is a secret room hidden somewhere in the nectary, where there is supposed to be hidden great treasures. Where it is? You’ll have to go look!

This lot contains some CC – patterns, some artwork and some other decorative items. All of it is transferable. Thanks to Ricslady99, Kayllisti, Mutske, ShinoKCR, Apple and Gosik. The lot also uses some Store items.

The exchange doesn’t seem to want this lot, so I got it uploaded to mediafire – get it here!

The secret room:


5 thoughts on “The Tiny Nectary

  1. Lovely Linday. The hacienda stuff looks gorgeous and the layout is fab. I love the courtyard, very French looking. Shame I can’t rec but I will go over to your studio now to see if I’ve missed anything and rec it immediately 🙂

    1. Bluebell, you’re fast!! Lol! Thank you so much, I do appreciate your kind words! Oh, I subscribed to your blog! 🙂

  2. Linda

    I thought I should let you know, I think I may know the reason the Exchange don’t want the Lot “The Tiny Necary” I have just tried to download it, and eveytime I click on the Mediafire link, my VirusChecker gives me a warning, saying “Malware Detected”! and won’t let me go any further. So if you have a malware or virus checker. I would check this Lot.
    Such a shame too, I was looking forward to having a go! I am only just going to have a go playing the Sims 3 again, even though i bought it as soon as it came out. But the custom content was just rubbish. But now it’s getting better, I am going to try again. I have just downloaded quite a few of your beautiful houses. You have very good taste in decorating and architecture.


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