Fit For Fight

Fit For Fight is a community gym, made to replace the default gym in game. It requires WA as it includes sim fu training equipment as well as traditional exercise equipment and an indoor pool.

Download here

Registration counter

Indoor pool
Yoga/Meditation room
Snack area above pool
One of two identical sparring rooms
Sim Fu training

Other than what shows here, there’s also separate men/women locker rooms/showers, toilets, a snack kitchen and a lounge/relaxation area.


4 thoughts on “Fit For Fight

  1. fia2000

    cool! im on the sims 3 too im team jacober i donload alot of ur stuff i mad e a yatcht for 3 and i thanked u for giving me the idea for a boat with ur ss thingy

  2. fia2000

    hey are you working on any new projects? if you are could you comment on my page telling me if you are im teamjacober on there

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