Peg-Leg Pete’s

Peg-Leg Pete’s is a pirate-themed bar built for a challenge over at TSS. It is zoned as a local watering hole. Built on a custom placed 20×30 lot in one of the bays in Sunset Valley. It does not contail 3rd party CC, but it comes with items from the Store as well as EPs/SPs.


Some more pictures:

You can see the rest of the pictures in the slideshow –here-


Download from the exchange –here-


6 thoughts on “Peg-Leg Pete’s

  1. Tom

    Well this lot definitely shivers my timbers!

    (… take that comment as you will. :P)

    If I had Barnacle Bay I’d be downloading this for sure… I assume that’s where you built it? I don’t recognise the area in the screenshot but then again show me a picture of Sunset Valley Town Hall and I’d think it was a pet shop. I love how you built the sloping bridge! I’ve never seen someone build one like that before, and it reminds me of a restaurant we used to go to when I was a young ‘un. Coincidentally enough it was pirate themed and had a rope bridge suspended above an indoor pond with “really big fish” in it. Ahh… memories…

    Anyway, enough of my rambling, I do believe I’ll be popping off to Peg Leg Pete’s now for a bottle o’ rum! Well, I would if I drank rum. Maybe some rum & raisin ice cream instead. Mmmmm…


    1. I quote myself: “Built on a custom placed 20×30 lot in one of the bays in Sunset Valley.” 😛 No, I didn’t build it in Barnacle Bay.

      (I don’t drink rum either unless it is in a mojito or a daquiri – shhhhh! Ice cream sounds awesome though! )

  2. Tom / tdewd

    Agh! Sorry I completely skipped past the text and drooled over the pics! I guess that’ll teach me, lol. XD
    Also when I try clicking the link to the lot it keeps Liam-ing me. This has happened to me a lot recently with other uploads and usually they somehow fix themselves so I’ll let you know if it changes… I can’t remember the last time there *wasn’t* something wrong with the exchange. 🙂

  3. Tom

    I finally managed to download it, but only after I , ahem, hacked into my girlfriend’s account and accessed it through there. No matter what browser I used, as soon as I was logged in as tdewd it wouldn’t let me do anything. 😦

    Needless to say I rec’d it too. 😀

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