Mocha Modern

Various paintings by Aloleng
Busney Bath Plant by Ricci2882
Vases by Ricci2882
Furniture Ryan Candles by Ricci2882
Outdoor Living PB tray by Ricci2882
Sculpture Bowl Apples by Mutske
Adina Bedroom Vase by shakeshaft
Tane Coffeetable by shakeshaft
Classic Bathroom Plant by Angela
Fimbo Pillows by Roan_
Fimbo Sofa by Roan_
Opal Table Lamp by CarpeDiem
Blanton Picture Frames by sim_man123
Cakao Dresser Clutter by sim_man123
Curtain Mistral/Curtain 2-tile Mistral by Mutske
Lightning Ceiling by Huabanzhu
Teen Scene Bed Table by RicciNumbers


Vase Set Chaméléon
Suspension Set Chaméléon

Arcan Candles LampTable01 by Frances
Arcan Candles LampWall02 by Frances

Various Paintings
Oolong Vase
Awesims Jetset Bench

These ones I don’t know where came from, but they transfer nevertheless:
Coastal Living Series 9 squares Wall Art
Paris Plant
Ceiling Halogen Spot by Sim-Ometry

Most of this transfers with the lot, the only stuff I’m not sure about are the SimsArtGallery ones. The rest of it transfers, that’s how I got them in the first place.


11 thoughts on “Mocha Modern

  1. Laura

    hey, nice house. How did you make this website? could you give me the name of where to go if possible :). thank you

  2. Laura

    oh, btw, how do you make your pictures (on of the house and stuff look so cool?? I try to make pictures all cool like that but all I can do is put one picture on the whole page. Thank you

    1. I edit the photos in photoshop, and use Zinda’s Upload Image Changer to change the default lot pic with the one I’ve created, before uploading the lots to the exchange.

  3. Thank you that you said it here;) I was always looking for a good “website maker”
    Because I want to make a website, too:)

    Don´t worry, linday;D I won´t do the same as yours!

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