Baywater View

Baywater view

Baywater View is a modern 2 bd, 2ba with lots of outdoor space for your simmies to enjoy! Some of the features include a pool, outdoor bar, car parking, open living space with dining room for 8, an outdoor dining area, a separate master suite with slanted ceiling, a teen bedroom, a spacious study and lush landscaping to frame it all. No 3rd party CC used, but the lot contains items from the Store as well as EPs/SPs. The lot is playtested before uploading.

Download from the exchange

Download from mediafire

All right… Pictures, anyone?


Screenshot-37 Screenshot-38 Screenshot-39 Screenshot-41 Screenshot-43 Screenshot-71

Screenshot-45 Screenshot-46 Screenshot-70

Open living area:

Screenshot-58 Screenshot-60 Screenshot-61 Screenshot-62 Screenshot-64 Screenshot-65 Screenshot-66 Screenshot-68Screenshot-67

Downstairs bathroom:

Screenshot-53 Screenshot-54

Teen room:

Screenshot-55 Screenshot-56 Screenshot-57


Screenshot-47 Screenshot-48 Screenshot-49

Master bedroom with ensuite bathroom:

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-50 Screenshot-51 Screenshot-52


Screenshot-72 Screenshot-73 Screenshot-74


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