SS Amphitrite

To expand my horizon a little, or perhaps just because I was bored, I decided to have a go at making a boat for my sim. This is a CFE challenge of proportions, but it actually turned out easier than I feared – but I was scared when I first started it, lol! That’s why I decided to post this as a WIP over at The Simmers Society, to get some input from fresh eyes. That helped immensely, and it would never had been finished if it wasn’t for the crowd over at TSS. The name is also a result of the input of my fellow simmers over there, XOX1 is the one who came up with the final name for my yacht, which was long known as “Boat Thingy”

The yacht, as it must be called, comes with a eat-in kitchen, a spacious living area, a master suite, a smaller cabin for either the crew or the kids (whatever you prefer) and 1.5 bathroom. In front, there’s a tanning deck, in the back, there’s a bar, and on top, there’s a flybridge with seating enough even for guests. The yacht is currently anchored up in a beautiful lagoon, with a small beach and lots of exotic fish for your sims to enjoy. It’s kinda CC heavy, but there will be a non-cc version, by request of one of my fellow simmers.

Exchange link

You’re probably wanting to see this, right?
Here’s some piccys for you!

So, I really hope you enjoy it, it was really fun to make!


One thought on “SS Amphitrite

  1. first: I really like the yacht 😀
    this is so fantastic 😛

    (I wrote you an e-mail / there´s this yacht in google, and also some other pics of creations, of me, too)

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