Villa Seregada

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Villa Seregada is a family home with a small nectary.
First floor: Entrée, formal living area, study area, dining room, kitchen and a bathroom.
Second floor: Landing, TV area, master bedroom, 2 guest/kids bedrooms, a nursery and a bathroom.
Outside: A shed with a nectary and a garage. My avi’s Kenspa is included, as I forgot to remove it before uploading…
There’s NO CC in this home besides a few patterns.

Hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Villa Seregada

  1. Linday, this is simply stunning! Does the fridge really work–I mean, can sims actually access it with it placed in the wall like that? What a really clever idea; really looks like a custom, built-in kitchen. I must try this soon! Thanks for all your great stuff; you’re definitely one of my favorite designers. I appreciate your time and energy in sharing all your creations with the rest of us!

    1. Thank you so much! The fridge is usable, yes! As long as you don’t move it too far into the wall, it works – but you can’t see into the frigde, just brick wall.

      As for sharing, that is just fun! It is what keeps me motivated to build even more! 🙂

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