Domus Mars

This one was built for Build-n-Share #95 – We need some space. We were tasked to make a Mars habitation for 6 astronauts, which should include areas or objects for sleeping, hygiene, fitness, cooking, recreation, plants, and research – oh, and did I mention it all had to be on a 30×30 or smaller lot, with a maximum of two stories above and one below ground? Challenge accepted – I did it on a 30×20. At least the budget of §500k left us with a lot of spending room for this – imagination, run wild!! It ended up at §381 791 – I didn’t bother to harvest the veggies before uploading it. Also, lot cost not included in that. It’s uploaded to the gallery as residential, but you could possibly zone it as something else if you would like.

Before we start on the tour, here’s the link to the lot!

Let’s start the tour outside!

05-27-18_4-26-27 PM

From the front of the lot, you have the building with the sleep pods on the left, and the greenhouse building on the right. They are linked with a glass hallway, and also through the basement. The entire base is solar powered. The rocket provides the astronauts with a way to get home after the mission is completed, but it will need to be assembled when you download the lot.

05-27-18_4-26-52 PM

05-28-18_6-40-52 PM

The two silo-looking structures on the right are the water treatment facility.

05-27-18_4-28-07 PM

05-27-18_4-27-55 PM

05-27-18_4-27-23 PM

05-27-18_4-23-30 PM







There are window bays down to the living areas in the basement, providing natural light even below ground. Same is in front of the greenhouse, those plants need lots of light!

05-28-18_6-40-18 PM

05-27-18_4-23-52 PM

05-28-18_6-40-30 PM

Let’s move inside, shall we?

05-27-18_4-25-02 PM

To get inside, you move through the airlock. Here, the astronauts change in and out of their space suits.

05-27-18_4-25-16 PM

After moving through the airlock, you get into the main floor hallway.

05-27-18_4-12-30 PM

To the left is the glass hallway leading to the sleep pods.

05-27-18_4-12-38 PM

05-27-18_4-12-47 PM

Shall we enter?

05-27-18_4-15-05 PM

The sleeping pods are built in two stories, three on each, with a bathroom on each story. In the basement you find the living areas.

05-27-18_4-14-04 PM

05-27-18_4-16-06 PM

05-27-18_4-17-05 PM

05-27-18_4-17-14 PM

Did someone say prison?? Keep that thought to yourself. The pods are all the same, with some various decor. They are built with the thought of limiting the space necessary for this build, so they are small and cramped, but fully functional – and fully playtested.

05-27-18_4-15-50 PM

Each astronaut has their own desk with a computer, a bookshelf, a mirror, and cabinets above their bed for their personal stuff.

05-27-18_4-14-52 PM Showing some random selection of pods.

05-27-18_4-16-56 PM

05-27-18_4-16-51 PM

05-27-18_4-16-17 PM

The two bathrooms in this building are also identical except for the wall height, so again, showing one.

05-27-18_4-15-33 PM

05-27-18_4-15-26 PM

05-27-18_4-15-17 PM

05-27-18_4-15-41 PM

Heading downstairs again, we enter the living area!

05-27-18_3-56-19 PM

The living area has large windows, even though it is below ground. The glassed in window bays are filled with plants, giving the astronauts both light and a view!

05-27-18_3-56-26 PM

The astronauts can entertain themselves with video games, reading – and there’s even a guitar there.

05-27-18_3-56-53 PM

05-27-18_3-57-09 PM

05-27-18_3-57-00 PM

The door you see there, leads to the kitchen.

05-27-18_3-57-14 PM

What’s that?

05-27-18_3-57-21 PM

A bar!

05-27-18_3-57-36 PM

05-27-18_3-57-44 PM

05-27-18_3-57-51 PM

The bar has a foosball table…

05-27-18_3-58-05 PM

And a dart board! More ways to keep the astronauts entertained!

05-27-18_3-58-27 PM

The door here leads to a small half bath.

05-27-18_3-58-53 PM

Moving on to the kitchen/dining area…

05-27-18_3-55-37 PM

The dining table seats 6, and a couple sims can even hang out by the kitchen island, watching whoever’s turn there is to cook.

05-27-18_3-55-21 PM

05-27-18_3-54-31 PM

Note the fire extinguisher – who knows when something bad happens?

05-27-18_3-54-07 PM

05-27-18_3-54-17 PM

You can’t see it that well in the pictures, but to the left of the refridgerator, there’s another door, leading out to the basement hallway.

05-27-18_3-59-32 PM

The door straight ahead there leads to the gym, let’s take a look, shall we?

05-27-18_4-00-52 PM

At first, you enter a co-ed wardrobe.

05-28-18_6-38-49 PM

More than enough locker space for 6 astronauts!

05-27-18_4-00-47 PM

Two showers, with privacy

05-27-18_4-01-03 PM

Showing one, as they’re identical.

05-27-18_4-00-39 PM

Some seating, a sink and some toilets.

05-28-18_6-37-40 PM

05-27-18_4-01-11 PM

Showing one, as they’re mirrored images of each other. Pretty basic.

05-27-18_4-01-24 PM

The gym is equipped to help you build both endurance and strength.

05-27-18_4-01-32 PM

05-27-18_4-01-49 PM

That concludes the tour of the more leisure-y part of the build. Let’s move on to the sciency bits! (I know words…)

Heading back out in the basement hallway again, we can enter the greenhouse:

05-27-18_4-08-13 PM

05-27-18_4-00-24 PM

The automated watering system really cuts down on the workload, but there’s plenty equipment ready for when the astronauts need to harvest.

05-27-18_4-00-19 PM

05-27-18_3-59-49 PM

05-27-18_4-00-07 PM

05-27-18_4-00-01 PM

There’s a variety of perfect fruit, vegetables and herbs.

05-27-18_3-51-18 PM

The greenhouse spans two stories, and the top floor can be reached from the main hallway, right next to the airlock.

05-27-18_3-51-07 PM

There’s plenty of light, both natural and artificial.

05-27-18_3-50-20 PM

Maintaining water pressure is essential.

05-27-18_3-50-08 PM

05-27-18_3-49-38 PM

05-27-18_3-49-17 PM

Enough plants for today, let’s take a look at the main floor science lab. You can see the entrance in the pic above, through the windows between the greenhouse and the hallway.

05-28-18_6-42-49 PM

Look at all those sciency machines!

05-28-18_6-43-12 PM

Glados, is that you???

05-28-18_6-43-04 PM

05-28-18_6-42-38 PM

05-28-18_6-42-28 PM

If we head upstairs from here…

05-27-18_4-10-14 PM

05-27-18_4-21-42 PM

05-27-18_4-21-36 PM

The right door leads to another bathroom. Small, but functional.

05-27-18_4-21-54 PM

05-27-18_4-21-59 PM  05-27-18_4-22-03 PM

Showing one, the two are identical.

The left door leads to the infirmary.

05-27-18_4-18-35 PM

05-27-18_4-18-43 PM

05-27-18_4-18-14 PM

05-27-18_4-18-19 PM

05-27-18_4-18-50 PM

05-27-18_4-18-55 PM

There are a few more doors to open on the top floor too:

05-27-18_4-19-02 PM

This one, what’s that?

05-27-18_4-19-22 PMA broom closet. Even on Mars.

But if you go to the left on top of the stairs, you enter something a bit more exciting: The Hab Control Center and the observatory.

05-27-18_4-19-42 PM

Various apparatuses to control the vital functions of the habitat.

05-27-18_4-19-36 PM

This door leads to the observatory.

05-27-18_4-19-52 PM

This door takes you to the water purifying system.

05-27-18_4-20-25 PM

05-27-18_4-20-16 PM

05-27-18_4-20-07 PM

05-27-18_4-20-31 PM

Really narrow hallways here…

05-27-18_4-21-14 PM

05-27-18_4-21-04 PM

Quite a bit of machinery is necessary to keep a place like this up and running.

05-27-18_4-20-51 PM

Let’s get back out, this is whatever there is to see on the top floor.

But you might have noticed there is still more to show you in the basement…

05-27-18_4-08-37 PM

That black door there leads to another science lab. Very secret. Access restricted.

05-27-18_4-07-21 PM

Going through the door takes you through a decontamination chamber.

05-27-18_4-02-41 PM

..Before you can enter the science lab downstairs.

05-27-18_4-04-54 PM

A work station, some chemicals…

05-27-18_4-06-03 PM

A portal? Are they trying to contact aliens from here?

05-27-18_4-05-12 PM

…What’s behind those curtains??

05-27-18_4-05-40 PM

Okay, what are they really doing here?

05-27-18_4-05-30 PM

Alien experimentation?? SSA, what are you guys up to??

05-27-18_4-05-50 PM

I won’t judge, I just built this place to specs… All I know is that I signed a non-disclosure agreement and a very lucrative contract….

Let’s conclude the tour with some overhead views:

05-27-18_4-22-47 PMBasement

05-27-18_4-22-45 PMGround floor

05-27-18_4-22-42 PMTop floor

05-27-18_4-22-32 PMRoof up

05-28-18_8-07-57 PMBasement science lab 05-28-18_8-07-54 PMGreenhouse

05-28-18_8-07-49 PMKitchen and gym

05-28-18_8-07-41 PM

Living area next to the kitchen

05-28-18_8-07-17 PM

Top floor rotated

05-28-18_8-07-06 PM

Ground floor of the main building

05-28-18_8-06-09 PM

Sleep pod layout

That should be all! Hope you like it, I had so much fun making it!