From rags to riches – the Chambers family story

Meet Mailyn Chambers, young, broke and eager to make it in this world (and to make money for me to build her a decent house for the Build-n-Share challenge). Her lifetime wish is to be a CEO, so I thougt I should grant her that joy! Here’s her tiny little home:

Mailyn heads down to the city to try to get a foot in the big corporation world. No problems there, she was hired right away.
“Off to make some money!”
Don’t forget, Mailyn, this is a legacy, you have to find a hubby too…
“Yeah… But some money first, right? I don’t want to live in that crappy house… ”
Hey, that is a pretty decent legacy starter home!!

Instead of heading home after work, Mailyn heads to the gym to take a shower, after all, she doesn’t own one herself.

What now, you started working here too, Mailyn?
“Not… I need entertainment, you know! I snuck back here to play some video games…”
Oh well… Seen any decent men around yet, then? Start looking!

Mailyn, what about him?
“Hi there… Have I seen you before? You seem familiar to me… ”

The next night, Mailyn is eager to welcome a familiar face.
“His name is Will, just so you know!”

I thought you were eager to get some money first, Mailyn?
“Oh, enough… ”

“So, Will, will you marry me?”
Whoa, hold it there! You’re moving at the speed of light! This will be a disaster, Mailyn!

…apparently not….

Okay, you pulled on your wedding dress for THIS? You marry a man in a T-shirt, inside that small house, and you put on a WEDDING DRESS?
“Yeah, I plan to just marry once, I had to use it. Couldn’t get married in jeans, stupid!”

Well, in with the man, who actually brings a small amount of money, at least enough to get them a double bed, which they seem eager to test right away…
“You’re the one who said that this was a legacy! What’s a legacy without kids in it?”
Point taken….

Will decides to make a late night snack, but things get a little out of control, and the legacy home is on fire. Will quickly brings out the fire extinguisher and starts putting out his errors.

… all this followed by a rather akward -and awful-tasting- meal.

Was the food THAT bad, Mailyn?
“You know what this means… so shut it!”

We put this exiting new twist on hold, while presenting a slightly change in appearance, for the house that is:

It now comes with walls!

Oh my, looks like there’s an heir on the way!

At the same time, Will, who’s at the gym as usual, starts having these little colorful sparkles surrounding him.. Please tell me he is now an adult!?!

Oh well… time to head home for a makeover, Will…
“Don’t you like my new looks??”
No comment…

“AAAAARGH! What IS this??”
That’s called labour, Mailyn, it’s time to head to the hospital, your baby wants to come out now.

Ehhh… Do I suddently have double vision?? I see TWO babies! Mailyn??
“Ugh… Yeah… Seems like I had twins after all. Twin girls. I’ve named them Cameron and Lillith.”

“Will, this was NOT what I planned for…”
“You tell me! Like I was planning for this to happen!”

“You’re not going to retire, are you? Now that you’re old, I mean?”
As if you could afford that…

Time flies by, and the twins are now toddlers. Both mummy and daddy work hard, thanks to their different work schedule. Mailyn is rapidly advancing in her career, well on her way to fulfilling her lifetime wish. A busy time awaits, teaching the toddlers to walk, speak and how to use the potty.

See, she looks kinda “businessy”, but she doesn’t seem too happy about it…

Some more days pass, and the twins grow up to be children, this is Cameron…

…and this is Lillith.

Will takes up Sim Fu in order to advance in his career.

Oh no, he’s not dead yet, that old guy? Nope, just asleep from too much exercise…

Time for a family photo – the twins are now teenagers – Lillith to the right, Cameron to the left – and has had a serious makeover, both of them, as you would not even imagine how they looked right away! I just have to give you an example, this is Cameron:

See? I HAD to give her a makeover…

Mailyn has fulfilled her lifetime wish, and recieves a makeover as well. All she does now is to have meetings, MANY meetings, several every day.

And what about Will? Yeah, he just was promoted to a thief….

But what’s happening? One moment he was exercising, and the next…

…Grimmy appears, taking Will with him, leaving the twins to watch as their dad dies right before their eyes… Guess it was cardiac arrest due to severe exercising, then…

Mailyn takes the loss really hard. She was at work (as always) when Will died.

Will comes to visit, and Mailyn finds it strangely comforting.

The twins take turns cheering each other up.

But life has to go on, and Mailyn reaches the top of the business career, she is now a Power Broker. She still holds a lot of meetings, we’re talking like six a day here now, as she only work from 8 till 11. That’s helping those family funds a lot!

The twins turns young adults, and Cameron starts a career in the military. Lillith takes after her mother and enters the business world. Both seems to be happy to make money, as they both have lifetime wishes to have their funds increased by §100 000.

Cameron takes more after her father, and starts to learn Sim Fu too.

I think we’ll wrap this up with another family picture… Mailyn is now an elder, but is still working hard. And for the house? It will get a complete makeover, you will not recognize it after this, I promise!

EDIT: If you want to see the final version of the home, click here!


2 thoughts on “From rags to riches – the Chambers family story

  1. Lol great legacy, I like the fast tempo and that starter home was great 🙂 I love your humor when writing, keep it up

    1. Well, I don’t think I will keep it up, actually, since it was a part of the BnS challenge – I’m no good at playing a legacy, don’t have the patience! I did this only to get enough money to build them a home. Enjoyed it a lot though, so maybe I should continue? Still got the sims around though, so if I ever feel the urge, then I will!

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